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A perfect opportunity

by Jane Elvidge

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National Volunteers’ Week, held in the first week of June each year, gives everyone in the UK the opportunity to celebrate volunteering. This year’s theme “a time to say thanks” can help us recognise and thank all those who have volunteered during the pandemic.

Paul and I have recently been given responsibility for overseeing JustServe in the UK and Ireland are excited about the volunteering that many Church members and their friends are doing throughout the country. National Volunteers’ week provides the perfect opportunity both to say thanks for all that has been done during the past year and also to get more involved in volunteering.

Some of our favourite volunteering stories from the past year include a project that delivered over 1,500 SNUG packs of warm clothing items to homeless people, several projects where items were knitted or crocheted and donated to those in need and a community effort that provided meals for 1,000 people who were stranded at Dover over Christmas due to the Covid travel ban.

Here are some ways to get involved:

For a volunteering project go to

To find out more about volunteering visit

Share a volunteering story on your social media using #JustServe #VolunteersWeek #VolunteeringHeroes

To nominate a Volunteering Hero please send your submissions to this online form. If you know someone who has shown exemplary service in their community, please send a photo along with a sentence or two about why they have been nominated. Their efforts will be recognised in social media articles and they will receive a JustServe pin badge.

Link to form

Thank you to everyone who is involved in volunteering.

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