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An English 'Ye Ye'

That's Mandarin for 'grandad'

They call him 'grandad', and that pretty well describes him. He looks like a grandad and certainly acts like a grandad, to the many Chinese nationals who learn about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the St. Albans area.  Ron Stimpson is a resident of Hatfield, home of the University of Hertfordshire, a campus of 27,000, with a large Asian student population. And to these students so far away from their homeland, he does what most grandads do...he opens his home, he opens his car, and he opens his heart.

He opens his home; to the missionaries who need a place to teach. He sits in on many of the lessons and helps answer some of the questions these wonderful students have. He provides a "mature" perspective in helping to explain doctrine in a simple and understandable manner.

He opens his car doors; and transports these Chinese to the St. Albans chapel for meetings, baptisms, and activities. He has been known to make several trips when there are more students that need transportation, than can fit into his car at once. No expectations of reimbursements for hesitation in delivering these students to where they need to be.

He opens his heart; to these eager students who are learning for the first time that they have a God who loves them.  Ron Stimpson cares about them, and through his example, offers them, the kind of love and support that blesses their lives.

Jing, a Chinese student, now returned to her homeland, said, "It all started when the missionaries came to my house teaching and they brought him. When they were leaving and we were saying goodbye, I said to him, 'Brother Stimpson, your lifestyle is similar to my own grandad's, can I call you grandad? I was surprised that he looked a bit surprised, but then he quietly responded, 'yes'. Actually, for me, there is another reason to call him grandad. Because as a Chinese, I felt a little bit uncomfortable to call a senior person by their name.  That is why I rather call him "grandad". That is when I realized beside the good manner, when I call him 'grandad', I should really mean it." She continued, "I really admire him...he is such a positive man and doing such a good work. I surely learned a lot from him...he helped in many ways...he is like one of my grandads".

Jing said the missionaries liked the idea and started to call him grandad sometimes when she was around. Then when more Chinese met him, she said, "They naturally called him grandad as well. I think he is grandad now for them as well somehow".

Of him, St.Albans congregation's Bishop Charles Farnsworth, says, "He is a devoted and tireless supporter of the missionary efforts in our ward and he has a very uplifting impact on everyone with whom he comes in contact".

But to the Chinese students, he is not a missionary, he is a grandad. Ron Stimpson is an official "YeYe" to the many Chinese who affectionately have given him that title.


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