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Behind the Scenes of Upcoming Victorian Musical:  Choreography

With more than 300 performers of all ages and levels of dance experience, choreographing and teaching dances for an entire production can be a challenge. But Leah Lynch and Jonathan Mace, volunteer members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are excited for the challenge and the opportunity to choreograph the British Pageant this summer.

The British Pageant, a musical experience that tells the history of the Mormon faith in Great Britain and Ireland, was first produced in 2013 and returns to the United Kingdom this summer in Chorley after months of preparation and rehearsals.

“It’s super important that we represent the history of this nation and how their traditions and their dances and their music was then enhanced by the light of the gospel,” says Jonathan Mace.

The choreographers have a range of talent to work with and many of the performers have never danced before. Pageant performers have come to refer to the choreography as “moving with joy” instead of simply dancing. This has helped move the focus from the mechanics of the dances to the message of the performance.

 “I feel it’s really important having these dances in the British Pageant because that’s where everybody’s together, that’s where the unity is … The dancers really bring that sense of unity and joy with what they’re going on to do,” says Leah Lynch.

The British Pageant will be performed 1-5 and 8-12 August 2017 and is free to the public. Visit for more details.

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