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British Pageant President and Director in Place for 2017

The Presidency and Director for the Mormons’ 2017 British Pageant have been announced.  Peter Trebilcock from Chorley, Lancashire will serve as Pageant President, working with First Counsellor Malcolm Beverley, also from the Chorley district, and Second Counsellor Andrew Fagg from the Maidstone area.  Alexandra Mackenzie Johns based in the Channel Islands has been called as Pageant Director for a second time following the successful 2013 Pageant.


Responding to his new church assignment, President Trebilcock said: “It is a huge privilege to be involved in this exciting endeavour.  While the Pageant recalls the work performed by the first missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) to Great Britain, and those who embraced their message in the midst poverty and persecution, this is just as much our own story.

“It resonates with each Latter-day Saint who has heard the truth, felt the impressions of the Holy Spirit and made the determination to follow it, with many having to make great personal sacrifices as a consequence.”

Peter Trebilcock flagged up the need for Pageant performers and back-stage support: “It's a wonderful opportunity for hundreds of the British church members to participate.  We are not asking for professionals.  We are asking for members, including our youth, with a growing conviction of the gospel and a willingness to serve – to share their time and talents, to help our fellow Latter-day Saints and our friends, who are not of our faith, to discover or renew their faith and rejoice in the gospel of Jesus Christ and to build on the legacy of those early converts.”

Peter Trebilcock is an experienced architect – formerly Vice President of the Royal Institute of British Architects – who was previously Design Team Leader for the Church’s Preston England Temple complex in Chorley.

The British Pageant was co-written by Director Alexandra Mackenzie Johns and Alex is now looking to organise a larger cast than most Broadway shows.  She said: "Telling these sacred stories next summer fills us with joy as church members in the British Isles, and I can only but feel that it is a joy reflected in the heavens above.  I think in honouring and remembering them, we come to know ourselves more fully.  And that their faith, and our faith, are more intimately connected than we perhaps realise."

Alex is raising her two children, aged three and one, in Jersey, where her husband is a chiropractor.  She is a full-time mother while also studying part-time for a PhD in theatre, which Alex describes as “a fun combination, to say the least!”

There will be ten performances of the British Pageant, ‘Truth Will Prevail’, in August 2017 (1-5 and 8-12) near the grounds of the church’s Preston England Temple in Lancashire, North West England.  The Pageant tells the personal stories of the migration of early nineteenth century Mormons from the British Isles to the United States using journals, sermons and historic documents from the time.

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