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Chesterfield give service to Catholic Eyre Chapel

A team of members and missionaries from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints in Chesterfield, who opened their new meeting house on Sheffield Road in April, performed a Helping Hands day of service project at Eyre chapel, owned by the Catholic Church, in Newbold.

Following a request for help from Peter Barr, Chesterfield Borough Councillor for Linacre, the Mormon team removed weeds and overgrowth in preparation for mulching the borders. The mulch had been kindly donated by a local garden centre. 

Eyre Chapel is owned by the Catholic Church and is run by a board of trustees for the benefit of the community, help from volunteers and businesses means rental income can be invested in improvements such as security lighting, pathways and new gates, all of which benefit the venue and therefore the community.

Eyre Chapel stands on the highest point of Newbold Village in Chesterfield, at the meeting point of four ancient trackways. It isn't known who first built a chapel at Newbold but, in the mid-1200s, the Abbot of Welbeck became Lord of the Manor of Newbold and may have converted an existing building into a chapel. The tympanum over the small doorway has been dated to the 11th Century.

The Chapel takes its name from the Eyre family who bought the manor of Newbold in 1570. After the Revolution of 1688 when James II was overthrown by his daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William.

Eyre chapel has also played a significant part in the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints locally, as meetings were held there from time to time prior to the opening of the new meeting house.  Eyre chapel was a beautiful setting for many Christmas, New Year and  Easter services that were held, and many Church members have happy memories of the times spent, which included Easter egg hunts for the children and p​​arties, including an 80th birthday party for church member Stephen Rhodes, the nephew of Cyril Rhodes of Rhodesia fame.

Councillor Barr commented, "Its been so good today re-establishing a link with your Church and the Chapel, it’s great to share a piece of our town history… we thank all your members and missionaries for their help, and please come back soon!"

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