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Edinburgh mother nominated for International Women's Award

There are many daily deeds that go unnoticed by most people, accomplished by tireless hands that steadily pull progress forward along its path. But occasionally, someone recognises these hands and the hearts that guide them. This is what happened for many women in Edinburgh on 8th March at the International Women’s Day festival.

As a part of the festival, several local women were nominated by their communities for an Inspirational Local Woman award. One of the nominees was Cathy Ahmed of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Cathy Ahmed has been taking in Chinese children and fostering or raising them for over twenty years. She has had countless children through her home, without any financial compensation for the love and time she devotes to them. Throughout the years, she has added more than just Chinese children to her lot by helping children from a variety of nationalities, but especially those who are struggling to adjust to Scotland.

“If anybody wants help, I try and be there for them,” Cathy explains. She is also involved in several women’s and children’s group, including a Women’s International group, and a Speak Easy group for women of different cultures. “I try to be friends with as many cultures as I can,” she says.

Cathy Ahmed has won a few awards for her work already, including an award for speaking about women in poverty and another for being the best volunteer at an art centre where she spends time every week. Almost every day of the week sees her volunteering in a different group or project.

Cathy’s membership in the Church has helped motivate her in all of her work. “I always have faith [inside] my house,” she says. She believes that becoming close to so many other cultures has only increased and strengthened her love for her own faith. “It doesn’t matter what culture you are…it’s all the same faith.”

Eight women were nominated for the same award which was finally presented to Nassim Azad. Those attending the festival also heard short lectures on issues women face in today’s society, and an address by guest speaker Eileen Chan-Hu, head of the Chinese Welfare Association in Belfast. Several booths promoting organizations led by or for women and encouraging unity in Edinburgh were also a part of the event.

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