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Elder Quentin L Cook Centres on Christ in his Messages on the Island of Ireland

Elder Cook - Dublin - Missionary Devotional-83
Elder Cook - Dublin - Missionary Devotional-83
Elder Quentin L Cook, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, speaks to missionaries at the Missionary Conference in Dublin, Ireland © 2023 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Members, missionaries, and friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints filled the chapels to overflowing in hearing the words of Elder Quentin L Cook, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Dublin, Ireland on 26-27 May 2023.

Elder Cook was joined by his wife, Sister Mary G Cook along with Elder Hans T Boom, Europe North Area President for the Church, his wife Sister Marjan Boom and Elder Mark G Stewart, Area Seventy (senior Church leader). President James M McCrudden and Sister Andrea McCrudden, Mission Leaders of the Scotland Ireland Mission also gave guidance.

Belfast, Northern Ireland Stake Member Meeting

At the Belfast Northern Ireland Stake (diocese) meeting, conducted by Stake President Benjamin Noble, Elder Cook shared how pleased he was with the unity and progress of the Europe North Area of the Church. He spoke of the organising principle found in the book of Doctrine and Covenants to seek and heed the words of the prophets. “Following the prophet is really, really important,” Elder Cook said.

He described how modern-day prophets offer protection and immunity that can bless individuals now as well as provide inoculation for the future. He gave examples of the prophetic counsel given by Presidents of the Church during his lifetime.

Elder Cook shared his love and appreciation for those attending and especially the choir. He said, “I have been deeply touched by the choir as I thought about who you are.” Testifying of Christ, he declared, “We can cast our burdens at the Saviour’s feet.”

Sister Mary G Cook expressed gratitude to the youth and young adult Rising Generation Choir. She said, “The only thing stronger than truth is truth shared in a musical setting.” She shared and demonstrated how the words of the Primary song, ‘I am a Child of God’ teach us about our spiritual identity.

One of the choir members, Hannah Cunningham of the Bangor 1st Ward (congregation) commented on how much she enjoyed the comfort of being surrounded by other youth and young adults. “We’re all in this together,” she said. “I hope my friends received the answers to the questions they brought with them tonight. I know I did.”

Her friend, Sara Shivas of the Antrim Ward said, “I’m so glad Elder Cook came. It’s special to know that he’s made the effort to come and speak to us. I feel so happy, known and loved of my Heavenly Father.”

Readen Wilson of the Belfast Ward said how wonderful it is to be uplifted and given direction by one of the Lord’s apostles. His wife Teia, a Church member of seven years, was grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn through Elder Cook’s counsel.

Scotland Ireland Mission Conference in Dublin, Ireland

The weekend of inspiration and apostolic counsel continued as Elder Quentin L Cook presided at the Scotland Ireland Mission Conference in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday 27th May at the Dublin Stake Centre. The meeting was broadcast to the missionaries in Scotland.

Under the direction of Elder Cook, President James M McCrudden of the Scotland Ireland Mission welcomed the missionaries and encouraged them to, “Listen carefully to the words of an apostle of the Lord.” Looking at the audience of missionaries he said, “You’re doing exactly what you need to be doing on the earth right now. We love you and want you to know that Heavenly Father loves you and wants you back. He is a real Father.”

Sister Andrea McCrudden spoke to missionaries about the importance of standing in holy places saying, “You can stand for truth. Nothing is impossible as we follow the Saviour.”

Elder Mark G Stewart reminded the missionaries, “You are the Lord’s chosen to point people to the light which is Jesus. Ask in prayer where the Lord’s hand is in your life, and you will see that He knows  you.”

“My life has been so blessed because of the missionaries,” said Sister Marjan Boom. Speaking of the innumerable blessings of the gospel she said, “You can count the seeds in an apple, but you cannot count the apples in the seed.”

President Hans T Boom spoke about the doctrine of Christ as found in The Book of Mormon. As part of his message he said to missionaries, “Don’t be shy. Open your mouths. Go out and talk to anybody and you will see miracles.”

Preach My Gospel, a missionary handbook, was used by Elder Cook to focus the missionaries on their purpose to invite others to come unto Christ. He indicated that an understanding of this purpose will embolden missionaries to set a goal to talk to people. He said, “If you set a goal, you will do more of it.”

At the end of the conference, missionary Sister Kenna Ketcher said , “I really love how the conference was focused on Jesus Christ and His doctrine. Because of Him, our lives, the lives of our families and others will be blessed.”

Elder Julius van Gijsel, a missionary from Belgium said, “What a great honour it was to be here. It was especially unique and revelatory because we heard an apostle of the Lord speak to us.”

Dublin Ireland Stake and Limerick Ireland District Member Meeting

“I’m thrilled to hear an apostle of the Lord speak,” said Thomas Holton of the Dublin Ireland Stake. “He’s been sent to give us a message that we can liken to ourselves, that strengthens and inspires us to do the Lord’s will.”

The delight of seeing an apostle in person was echoed by Stephen Leblique and Maria Paz Leblique and others who also filled the Dublin Ireland Stake chapel to capacity. They were so happy for their son who participated in the youth choir.

Elder Mark G Stewart conducted the meeting for members of the Dublin Ireland Stake and Limerick Ireland District. He referred to the Stewart clan motto, “Courage grows strong at the wound.” When our lot in life is difficult, Elder Stewart said, “Remember to hold true to the promise of your covenants.”

Elder Hans T Boom reflected on the last several days and said, “This has been an extraordinary week for the Europe North Area.” He expressed his love for Elder Cook saying, “It’s like being home together.”

When it came time for Elder Cook to share his thoughts he said, “I have loved being here. I love seeing all the diversity here in the congregation. I feel so grateful that in this Church, we have unity in diversity.”

He gave updates on how missionary work is growing even though the world is in commotion and expanded on the divinely proclaimed responsibilities of the Church. Elder Quentin L Cook said, “The anchor and the focus is Jesus Christ.” He then concluded the meeting and week-long visit to the Europe North Area with his powerful testimony and witness of the Saviour.

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