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Greater London LDS Business Forum

Each month members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the Greater London area are invited to meet and network with other members offering mentoring and guidance in business.   

The Greater London LDS Business Forum, originally the London City LDS Lunch Club, originated in 2010 with the aim of allowing London business people a venue in which they could mingle and network. The group’s first meeting proved a success, pulling in around thirty-five attendees, and plans were implemented to support future gatherings.  

“I’ve been doing this for three years now and I am very passionate about it,” said John Deighton, Greater London LDS Business Forum co-chair. “I have gained great personal joy from helping others and in helping to mentor. To me that is the greater joy, to see those friendships and relationships develop.”  

The goals of the group are to provide an opportunity for people of the Church to network, facilitate career and job opportunities, share business ideas and interests, provide a link into special interest subgroups within the Church and to provide opportunities for public service, enhancing the community, blessing the lives of others and bringing the Church out of obscurity.  

Greater London LDS Business Forum co-chair and president of the BYU Management Society—UK Chapter, Leighton Bascom, said, “It’s designed to be a LDS group that is a service organisation that creates activities so people can get together for business purposes, share a lunch, network and listen to a good speaker while potentially giving them the chance to better the job that they have or find a job. Ultimately we would like to see greater service opportunities, such as mentoring, scholarships and service functions.”  

The gatherings are specifically designed for men and women currently working in London or for those who wish to work there. It offers young people just out of school or fresh off their mission the ability to make contacts within the London business community that they might not otherwise have.  

“I think there are so many people who need mentors and need help knowing which direction to choose,” said Deighton. “I went to someone who mentored me. They gave me solid advice and I will always be appreciative of that. When you have someone on the inside who can tell you what you need and how you need to approach things, what a difference that can make.”  

Deighton cited one example of a luncheon where a software programmer, who had recently been made redundant, mentioned his plight in finding work. Another attendee at the luncheon said he was coincidentally in need of a software programmer. They found their connection and exchanged details.  

“One of the feel good factors about this program is that is links people with the work they need,” said Deighton. “We’ve had so many people who have had job offers through these luncheons.”  

The group meets monthly at various venues located in central London. The program is slotted during most people’s lunch hour and features a twenty to thirty minute presentation from a special speaker followed with mingling amongst those in attendance. Each speaker focuses on delivering an inspirational and business-oriented message to those in attendance.

The idea for the group has already spread to other areas of England, such as Manchester and Birmingham.  A recent event was held in Cambridge with keynote speaker, Kenneth Johnson, a former General Authority for the Church.

 To find out more about upcoming events held by the Greater London LDS Business Forum, check out the group’s LinkedIn page or email Leighton Bascom at

While the group mostly caters to members of the Church, nonmembers are also invited to attend if they feel so inclined. Each forum is free to attend, with the occasional nominal fee of six pounds for lunch. Reservations are required.

From L-R,  Bishop Kevin Johnson, Cynthia Halliday - MD BYU Marriott School of Management, Elder Kenneth Johnson, Emeritus General Authority, Rixa Oman -  Executive Director, BYU Management Society, John Deighton, Leighton Bascom, Ron Gardner - Chair-Elect, BYU Management Society at the recent event in Cambridge

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