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Hope Helps explores tips for finding and fostering your dreams.

Van Gogh said, “I dream my painting and I paint my dream”

In this new episode of Hope Helps, host Charly Burridge-Jones talks with Steve Edwards and Bronwyn Jones about how to find and foster our dreams. They also discuss why dreams are important and how to continue chasing them even when setbacks occur. Steve is a retired police officer and Bronwyn is a master’s student at Sheffield University.

Charly begins by expressing that no matter our background or age, we each have dreams for the future. Sometimes it can be difficult to recognise and foster those dreams; or to deal with the pressure we feel from the expectation of others. No matter the dream, we are each capable of achieving more than we thought possible. Chasing our dreams provides a sense of hope and purpose for the future.

As a young man trying to find his way in life, Steve dreamed of meeting the Queen. This dream led him to join the Police where he worked for over 30 years and specialised in Cyber Security. As a result of his service, he received an MBE from the Queen and was able to bring his family to Buckingham Palace for the special occasion.

He underlined not only the importance of having dreams but turning those dreams into goals and making a plan of action. Steve said “If you’re going to have a dream to do something worthwhile in life then you’ve got to ask yourself, how long is this going to be a dream for?... When does a dream become a goal and when does that goal become an action?”. He emphasises the joy that comes through life when we continue to chase and achieve our dreams.

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Bronwyn Jones is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Landscape architecture. As a young girl she dreamed of being a waitress and a ballet dancer. She recognised that this stemmed from the foundation of her desire to express herself creatively and to serve others. Her passion for music has also led her to achieve a dream she never thought possible; that of organising a choir comprised of individuals from all over the country. What started as a passing conversation resulted in the Rising Generation Choir; and despite lockdown they were still able to perform a virtual concert.

Discovering and accomplishing our dreams is a journey. Sometimes chasing our dreams doesn’t fit the original timetable we had in mind, and over the past year it has been difficult for many people to feel that they are still progressing and moving forward. Bronwyn said “It’s been difficult to have our dreams put on hold but it’s recognising that even in these dormant stages there is still growth that is able to happen if we just maybe see it from a different perspective or use this time to learn something new about ourselves…”

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Both guests have learned the value of having dreams in their own individual lives, especially as those dreams have been a source of inspiration and a motivating factor that has pushed them forward. Dreams can do the same for each of us. Our dreams allow us to have purpose and direction which provides a great sense of hope. Every individual should allow space for themselves and others to dream and to work optimistically to chase those dreams.

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