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In Search of Adventure - the Chrdle Family

The Chrdle family is no ordinary family. Ales and his wife Michaela have brought their three children to the Crosby area of Liverpool in an effort to broaden their life experiences and teach them the English language.  It's hard to imagine now, but 18months ago when they arrived their children had some difficulty communicating. They now have a large circle of friends and feel fully integrated into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the area and in their community.

Back in their Czech Republic, Ales served as branch president of his congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 10 years and Michaela has had "every calling a woman can do in a branch, including president of the women’s and children’s organisations". She laughs. "Nowhere else in the Church could I gain such a wide and varied experience.  I've loved it". Both are returned full-time missionaries. Ales served two years in the Utah Ogden Mission in the USA and Michaela in her native Czech Republic Prague Mission. After this time Ales studied medicine and qualified as a doctor. He works now at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital specialising in fighting contagious diseases.

Johana, 16, has learned to play the piano since arriving here. She commented "The house we rent has a piano in the dining room and Crosby congregation needed a pianist so I taught myself to play". Stepan, 12, has joined the Scouts and enjoyed many activities with them while Tomas, 5, has enjoyed playing with his friends at Reception class at school lastSeptember.

The Chrdles move back to the Czech Republic in August this year. Bishop Slaughter of the Crosby congregation, said "It's our loss. They've made a tremendous contribution and we will all miss them very much". Ales has been instrumental in organising a medical student exchange programme were students from this country will visit Czech Rep. and visa versa. He says it will give them a wider experience of medicine before they qualify.

Ales is currently serving as 1st Counsellor on the bishopric and Michaela is a teacher in the women’s organisation, Relief Society. Jo is in her second year of studying in the Church Educational System’s daily classes. Stepan is the first counsellor in the Deacons Quorum Presidency and Tomas is a member of the children’s organisation.

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