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Interfaith WW1 event: Lest we Forget

On Friday 12th September, the London Temple Visitors’ Centre sponsored Lest We Forget a World War I event (WW1) featuring short talks, musical presentations, and poetry recitations.  Among the dignitaries at the fireside were Brigadier Donald Thwaites, President of the Royal British Legion Surrey; Lord and Lady Teviot; Reverend Kathryn Percival Priest-in-Charge, Lingfield Parish Church; and senior Church representatives, President and Sister Millar of the England London South Mission.

Lest We Forget 1

from left-to-right, top-to-bottom:
Programme cover, Elder Pinegar  -- director of the Visitors' Centre, Carlene Miller -- member, Crawley Stake, Julian Alderton -- parishioner, Horne Parish, and Honorary Life President of the Outwood Branch  of the Royal British Legion, Nicola Wilkes -- member, Crawley Stake, Grant Neale -- member, Crawley Stake

Following the opening prayer by Reverend Percival, members of the Crawley area and other guests presented inspirational talks focusing on the impact of the War on the people of the United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and the United States.  Specifically mentioned in these talks were Private Sidney Godley, born in East Grinstead and the first private soldier recipient of the Victoria Cross in the War; Samuel Edwin Williams recipient of the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Military Medal and the grandfather of Norma Beers, presenter and member of the Crawley Stake (similar to a Diocese); and Douglas Valentine Alderton, army enlistee at age 16 and the grandfather of Julian Alderton, presenter and member of the Horne Parish.  Between talks, touching poetry recitations of “In Flanders Fields” and “The Inquisitive Mind of a Child” and a stirring rendition of “Jerusalem” sung by a missionary choir brought tears to the eyes of many attendees.  A military band arrangement of “Evening Hymn and Sunset – The Last Post” had a similar moving effect. 

After the closing prayer by Keith Brook, 1st Counsellor in the Bishopric of East Grinstead Ward (congregation), a moment of silence was observed while a military band arrangement of “Hymn to the Fallen” played in the background.  During the hymn, the names of those from the Horne and Lingfield parishes who fell during World War I scrolled down a screen.  Together with the fitting music, representative names, and beautiful but sobering pictures attendees experienced a spirit of quiet reverence and deep gratitude. In behalf of those who fought in the Great War and for those who attended the event, it was an evening of remembrance and honour.

While leaving the event an elderly lady observed, “I have been coming to these sort of remembrance events for seventy five years and never have I been touched so much as I have been tonight. Perhaps it is being near to your beautiful Temple or the words and music that I have heard tonight, but surely this is a very special place and I will remember how I felt tonight forever.”

Lest We Forget 2

from left to right and top-to-bottom:

Poppy Field, Reception, Don McFarlane, counselor in the Stake Presidency, Crawley Stake, Peter Wakeham, Events Coordinator, Royal British Legion, Surrey, Norma Beer, member, Crawley Stake, Abbie (mother) and Beatrix (daughter) Furbank, ​Elder Bryant Davis, former military chaplain, current temple missionary



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