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Local Catford boy with Olympic dream

James Adams is a 13 year old young man who has developed a talent for table tennis.  James has Aspergers Syndrome and whilst attending the gym at his special needs school his talent was spotted by the coach of the table tennis classes.  He receives coaching on a weekly basis and has hopes of becoming a future table tennis Olympian and his story was recently printed in The Times newspaper.

James and his family are currently members of Catford Ward, Wandsworth Stake in London.  He serves as the Deacon Quorum President and one of the things he says he loves is passing the sacrament, which he does every week.  In doing this James demonstrates a commitment to fulfilling his priesthood responsibilities.

Like most teenagers James likes to be active and the Young Men's programme provides him with the opportunity to participate in a range of activities.  One of the events he particularly enjoyed was joining in with the other young men to build a go- cart, which they raced around the chapel grounds.  In addition to table tennis, James is also a talented tennis and basketball player. 

As part of the Duty to God programme James has undertaken various service projects around the chapel, doing gardening for a sister in his ward, cooking a meal for his family and giving a talk during the Young Men Sacrament presentation.  In the past James has participated in the Stake Roadshow.  This was a great achievement for him and evidenced his personal development. 

James will shortly be ordained a Teacher in the Aaronic Priesthood and says he is looking forward to this as it will help him to learn more about the sacrament.  

Open the link for the full story which appeared in The Times on 23/12/11.

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