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London Diplomats Attend ‘Illuminating Humanity Through Stained Glass’ Event

‘Believe In Him’ Exhibit at Hyde Park Chapel Visitors’ Centre focuses on Jesus Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hosted a special event at London’s Hyde Park Visitors’ Centre on March 26 titled ‘Illuminating Humanity Through Stained Glass.’ Distinguished guests included ambassadors, diplomats, government leaders, and faith representatives. The exhibit aims to build on important human values and foster understanding and collaboration.

The keynote speaker, Joseph Rowley, a PhD candidate in art history eloquently guided the audience through the historical significance of stained glass. He emphasised how stained glass served as a powerful medium for conveying biblical stories to ordinary people who could not read the Bible for themselves, as well engaging educated scholars.

Joseph referred to the intricate stained glass at Canterbury Cathedral, depicting scenes from the New Testament, that not only adorns the sacred space but also illuminates the teachings and narratives of Christianity.

He also discussed two other remarkable stained-glass exhibits by Holdman Studios, the artists who created  the stained-glass exhibit in London:

1. ‘Roots of Knowledge’: This permanent exhibit, found at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, United States, features an intricate stained-glass mural. Through vibrant colours and intricate designs, it portrays human innovation, creativity, and the pursuit of learning over time. The stained-glass becomes a visual testament to the enduring quest for knowledge and enlightenment.

2. ‘Seven Pillars of Humanity’: The seven noble characteristics of human capability depicted in this work: Knowledge, Creativity, Faith, Love, Unity, Freedom, and Courage. Each pillar is a fundamental aspect of what it means to be human, transcending cultural boundaries and inspiring reflection on our shared humanity.

Following the speaker’s discussion, the group adjourned to the viewing area to experience the stained-glass exhibit ‘Believe In Him’ with detailed instructions and explanations provided by Ronda and Alan Wakeley. The ‘Believe In Him’ Stained Glass Exhibition, hosted at the Hyde Park Chapel Visitors’ Centre in London since February 20, 2024, is a remarkable display of faith and artistry. Produced and presented by Holdman Studios in collaboration with the Roots of Humanity Foundation, this exhibition features a stunning 32-foot-long stained-glass presentation. Comprising nine panels, it vividly depicts various aspects of the life, miracles, and parables of Jesus Christ and His followers.

The stained-glass artwork has captivated audiences in Rome, Paris, and now London. Crafted by modern-day artisans, it took three years to bring this masterpiece to life in the UK, just in time for the Easter season.

The heartfelt responses from distinguished guests further emphasise the impact of this exhibition:

His Excellency Ivan Romero-Martinez, Ambassador of Honduras and Dean of the UK Diplomatic Corps, described it as an “extraordinary and thoughtful” display.

Her Excellency Ms Agnes Adlino Orifa Oswaha, Ambassador of the Republic of South Sudan, said: “Words cannot capture my appreciation of the stained-glass and the effort that went into it. The display brought Jesus and the Bible to life.” 

His Excellency Teodoro L. Locsin, Ambassador of the Philippines, acknowledged that “this stained glass shows the magnificence of the Christian religion, it has been done very well.”

Lord Daniel Brennan (House of Lords) said: “These stained-glass windows are not just a tribute to the ingenuity and artistic genius of the artists but also to the wonderful message that they have been able to create with such success.”

Mr Miles Green OBE (a former diplomat, representing the Baha’i Community) reflected: “’The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens’ [is] a fundamental tenet of the Baha’i Faith, and your stained-glass project exactly fits that bill.”

This exhibition not only celebrates artistic brilliance but also serves as a conduit for meaningful dialogue and reflection.

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