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Messages from Molokai: Befriending the One

In this week’s episode of Hope Helps, Charly Burridge-Jones speaks with her dear friend Kristen Metzger. They speak of Kristen’s experience living on the remote island of Molokai, Hawaii. Not only does living on this island bring her the beauty of nature but more than that, she cares for people who are part of the last leper colony exiled to the island of Molokai. They discuss how we all can increase our capacity to love by coming to understand others. 

Kristen has felt that her heart has drawn her to certain places, people, and cultures to better understand them and ultimately serve them. She was even told, in a special prayer, that her life was destined to be a life of service. This understanding has continually propelled her forward to reach out to others in love and service. 

Kristen first worked in a leprosy settlement in India.  She wanted to understand this disease and the people it affects. While working in India she applied for a job on the island of Molokai, which would allow her to work directly with the last leper colony and those individuals who had been exiled there. She was hired based on her experience in India. She was not afraid of this disease and started working as a patient companion and nurse’s aide.

During her time on Molokai Kristen has developed close relationships with many in her care. These patients enjoy much of the same lifestyle most people do. They enjoy the beauty of the earth. They enjoy walking through nature. Above all, they enjoy the companionship of close friends. Kristen has become close to each of the patients that she has the privilege to work with. She also shares her profound experience of just how limitless a human's capacity to love is.

Kristen has loved the island life even during the period of isolation brought on by COVID-19. However, the most rewarding of her experiences is the love that has been developed. She and Charly spoke about how each person on this earth both gives and receives love in different ways. If individuals find just how others receive love, then their capacity to give love increases.   

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