News Release

MSP Attends Dunfermline Primary Presentation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Dunfermline, Scotland, welcomed a very special guest to their annual Primary Presentation in 2011. Local MSP Bill Walker accepted an invitation by a ward member to attend. He was welcomed by Dundee Scotland Stake President Daryl Watson and Bishop Charles Marr upon arrival.

Lynne Anderson, who had extended the invitation, related, "After reading a story in the news about my MSP's work to preserve the current definition of marriage, I contacted him to offer my support. We had a few discussions on the telephone and when I saw him in town, I introduced myself and again thanked him for his courageous stance on marriage. He accepted an invitation to join us at church, and we enjoyed showing him around the building and answering his questions."

President Watson had the opportunity to speak briefly with Bill Walker about their shared objectives. Of the experience, President Watson said, "It was with great pleasure that we welcomed MSP Bill Walker to our Sunday Services today. It was evident that Bill shared similar views on the need for strong family values."

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