News Release

New Leaders for Warrington

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), in the Warrington area, saw the release of their bishop, Chris Miller. Bishop Miller was thanked for his outstanding service to the congregation over the last five years, and commented, 'I loved serving the people in the Church but I am really glad to be able to catch up with that long list of jobs my wife gave me and spend more time with my children'.

Pictured with his two counsellors, Keith Bass and Alex Runcie, the new bishop, Jonathan Gray was then welcomed in as the official leader of the congregation in Great Sankey.   Chris Miller gave the new bishop his set of church keys and said, “I enjoyed my time as bishop and have seen some great things happen, now I am looking forward to a quieter calling.” 

Chris then encouraged Bishop Gray with the thoughts, “Jonathan is a caring and enthusiastic man and will make a wise leader.  He also has the support of a great bunch of people.” 

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