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Original show 'Redemption' in Celebration of 30th anniversary

The congregations of the Poole, Dorset area of the Church celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2012. To mark this occasion, local Church leaders proposed that a special show be produced to utilise all the talent of the members into one substantial production. This show, ‘Redemption’, raised £2700 through ticket sales and donations for the Royal British Legion’s annual Poppy Appeal in November.  The Church supported this appeal nationally for the first time this year involving congregations all around the UK in collecting, supporting and raising funds through organized events for the RBL.

Russell Babidge of the Christchurch congregation was asked to lead and produce a show along with Paul Dadds from Weymouth, who wrote the script. A theme of family history, with emphasis on the gospel principle that loved ones can be reunited for eternity, was chosen.
The storyline for ‘Redemption’ is about two World War I sweethearts, Charles and Rose brought together by chance, united in love and torn apart by the ravages of war but who over generations of time, are reunited by the power of love for eternity.

The production opened with a touching scene in a hospital where Rose, now an old woman surrounded by her family, was dying. After her death, her family discovered an old diary written by her husband, Charles, and they begin to read. The story of how Charles met Rose is presented with wonderful scenery and lighting, combined with imaginative film sequences that brought a smile to every face.

The story ends with the heavenly reunion of Rose and Charles and a beautiful symbol of a bird being set free, indicative of how our loved ones are freed through the work performed in temples.

The packed house, many of whom included members of the public, was unanimous in their praise. The script, set, special effects, music and acting were of a very high standard and produced standing ovations and a feeling that will stay long in the memory of those who attended.

All the time and effort from the cast, production team and stagehands was volunteered and the proceeds collected through ticket sales and concessions have been donated to the annual Poppy Appeal of the Royal British Legion. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Poole area and everybody involved in the show are proud to have collected over £2700 to support the armed forces in the UK.

The producer, Russell Babidge stated, “Producing the show has been more highs than lows but even at times when it felt it might not happen it was not just the vision of what it could be but the very real sense that it was meant to be that carried the production team forward. Much good has resulted from this show. Friendships have been forged and renewed. It has engendered wonderful acts of kindness and inspired ancestors to be sought out and the fallen to be remembered with a deeper sense of gratitude.”

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