News Release

Paramedic is new bishop for Dereham

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently called fifty-year-old paramedic Keith George to reside over the Church’s Dereham congregation as the newly appointed bishop. Despite his long work hours with the East of England Ambulance Service, George said he is ready to devote himself to his new calling in the Church.  “It was quite a surprise for me to be called, because I work quite long shifts and a lot of weekends and nights,” he said. “But I am very grateful to the ambulance service because they let me swap my shifts around so I can be here for the service on Sundays.”

Having joined the Church at age eleven, Bishop George says his faith has been a great support to him in many aspects of his life.  “It has given me a broader outlook on life. Having the job that I have but also having the faith that I have gives me a greater understanding of people, and a greater love for them. You meet people in difficult situations but because of my faith I am able to remain very calm and collected about what I do.”

Bishop George commented that when he has to deal with a difficult situation at work, it is often his faith that strengthens him and gives him a clearer perspective of the situation. “I think my faith actually enhances my role as paramedic,” George said. “I know there are many times I am able to empathize with many people because of my faith. It gives me a brighter hope, especially dealing with some things. Death is something that we have to deal with quite often, and it is able to give people words of comfort but also being able to know there is more to this life than just living in this life—that there is an existence after this life.”

Bishop George has served in leadership positions for the Church for approximately nineteen years and said he relies upon inspiration from God so he is able to perform them to his upmost.  “I rely upon that inspiration,” George said. “I believe I have been called of God and I have received the priesthood and have received those special keys that allow me to do that. As bishop I feel those pure strains of inspiration coming to my mind, the little prompts and things I feel I need to do for my ward.”  Bishop George previously served a full-time mission for two years in Wales and is married with 3 children.


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