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Renowned Singer Shares Her Gift of Music with The Tabernacle Choir on Temple Square

Danish member will be a guest singer as a Global Participant for April 2024 General Conference.

Meet Anja Rossau, a renowned operatic soprano, who received her classical training at the Royal Academy of Music in London in 2003, where she also earned her teacher’s degree. Her operatic range spans from low A to F above a high C. Anja has graced audiences with her talent in both her native Denmark and various countries abroad. As a performer, she has taken the lead in operas and operettas; La Traviata, La Boheme, Rigoletto, Fledermaus, The Merry Widow, The Magic Flute, and Cosi Fan Tutte. Anja has also sung as a soloist in oratorios such as Handel’s Messiah, Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, Haydn’s The Creation.

Anja Rossau, Renowned International Opera Singer
Anja Rossau, Renowned International Opera Singer
Anja Rossau, Renowned International Opera Singer© 2024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

At an early age, she performed in musicals and studied musical theatre. Her teacher, a trained opera singer discovered Anja’s operatic voice. ‘I have a very focused, very high voice and when I found opera, it was like I’ve come home’.

Anja’s upbringing in a musical household gave her a foundation for her career.  ‘I grew up in a musical home, although opera was not something I knew from my home’.  Although her parents didn’t play an instrument, they recognized the value of a musical education and provided a piano and lessons. The lessons honed her skills and deepened her understanding of music theory.

In her personal life, Anja is happily married to Anders, ‘He is my soulmate’.  Although they are not of the same faith, Anders is a believer in Christ. Their relationship thrives on openness and mutual support, allowing Anja to pursue her faith while respecting their differences.

As a fairly recent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, baptised in October 2021, Anja reflected, ‘Finding the Church was important to me, it feels like I've come home. I love the hymns and the Church has given me so many blessings musically. I'm very conscious that Church is not a performance opportunity, it's to enrich the spirit’. 

Anja was invited to audition as a guest member of the Tabernacle Choir on Temple Square for the April 2024 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  When asked if she was familiar with The Tabernacle Choir before she joined the Church, she said, ‘I especially knew their Christmas concerts; I absolutely adore Christmas.  Many years ago, I found their DVD “Joy to the World”.  I love the beautiful

Anja’s Favourite Christmas Photo at Victorian Square
Anja’s Favourite Christmas Photo at Victorian Square
Anja’s Favourite Christmas Photo at Victorian Square© 2024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Christmas hymns, they are very melodious, very harmonious’. 

With the audition being close to Christmas, she chose to sing ‘Joy to the World’.  Anja was put through a rigorous audition of singing, vocal exercises testing her range and sightreading.  She considers herself a fast learner, which was a great asset during the audition. ‘I remember being concerned about my operatic vibrato and blending with the choir.  The second song I chose was Silent Night and I sang it quietly.  I’ll be singing first alto with the choir. They said I have a beautiful middle register with a rich mellow sound, we really want that sound’.

Anja considers the Tabernacle Choir to be one of the best in the world.  ‘They are very advanced musicians. This will be my first in- person experience with the Choir and I can't wait. 

It’s a special experience when you sing with other musicians that have the same deep-rooted passion. It’s a beautiful gift to share the message of Jesus Christ through music, because it comes from the same place as faith’.

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