Teachers in Education Invited to Join Church Network in UK

Are you a teacher in education or a budding teacher in the making?  If so, James Holt , a Senior University lecturer in the Manchester Stake,  is currently looking  to support teachers in education, particularly teaching RE. 

He would like to hear from any teachers, or those interested in teaching, to build a network within the Church.  James is a former bishop, recently released member of the Manchester Stake Presidency, Director of Public Affairs and member of the UK National Public Affairs Council. He states,

“I am currently working on resources to support teaching about the Church, but am also interested in developing a network of teachers around the UK who are involved in any phase of education. I would ask that LDS teachers or training teachers from around the country email me at to begin discussions and receive various materials.

These contact details should include:



Type of school: Primary/ Secondary etc

Subject taught (if applicable)

Willingness to be placed on an email list to be contacted solely for the purposes outlined above

These can be sent by the Director of Public Affairs from a stake (with the individual’s permission) or directly from the teacher.”

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