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Trusting God – For Six Generations

On July 20, 1837, Heber Chase Kimball saw England for the very first time. He had left behind his family and everything he knew to serve as a missionary for the newly restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The weeks leading up to this moment were full of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. “The idea of being appointed to such an important mission was almost more than I could bear up under, I truly felt my weakness and unworthiness,” Heber later wrote.


 After arriving in Liverpool, England, Heber and his companions felt guided to continue north to the town of Preston. There, they began to work to establish the Church of Jesus Christ in England. Despite his feelings of doubt and inadequacy, Heber relied on the Lord and humbly bore testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He and his companions were able to teach many the restored gospel. Hundreds accepted their message and the Church grew steadily. By the end of Heber C. Kimball’s mission, the feelings of doubt and fear had fled and been replaced with love and faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. He later recalled, “Love casts out fear. I feel firm in the Lord.”

180 years later, Heber’s great, great, great grandson, Chase Kimball also decided to leave behind his family and everything he knew to serve as a missionary the same restored Church of Jesus Christ for two years. He was called to serve as a missionary in Germany. In 2017, before arriving in Germany, Elder Chase Kimball went to the Missionary Training Centre, located in Preston, England, the very place where his grandfather had first established the Church. Elder Kimball’s interest in his ancestor was piqued as he attended the centre.

Deciding to serve a mission was not an easy decision for Elder Kimball. Like his grandfather before him, Elder Kimball also struggled with feelings of inadequacy. “I felt like I couldn’t do one of my biggest trials [on my mission– just feeling inadequate,” Elder Kimball shared. Being able to be in the same place where Heber C. Kimball worked as a missionary was a great comfort to Elder Kimball.

“I was humble, knew nothing else but to trust in God alone and his angels truly went with me.”

-Heber C. Kimball

Even though weaknesses and feelings of doubt never fully go away, Elder Kimball has come to realize that this is the Lord’s work, not his own. If he continues to rely on the Lord, he cannot fail. Reflecting back on his mission thus far, Elder Kimball feels that he has been successful. “The greatest blessing of serving is seeing growth in myself and others. Success] doesn’t have anything to do with me, but it has everything to do with God and everyone’s personal relationship with God.” He describes a time when he was able to witness the growth of people he had taught. The gospel changed their lives as they learned more of Jesus Christ and committed to following Him. “We saw so many miracles as those we taught the gospel. God really prepares people, and all I have to do is share what I have come to know about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.”

Elder Kimball has continually reflected on the example of Heber C. Kimball throughout his mission. He often shares an inspiring quote from his great, great, great, grandfather with the people he teaches. This quote that he has adopted as his own shows the personal devotion that Heber C. Kimball had for the Lord and His Gospel. “I am to serve God and keep his commandments perfectly the acts of any other person in God’s world. It has nothing to do with me one way or the other. When I went into the waters of baptism, I made a covenant that I would forsake the world, with all that pertains to it, and cleave unto the Lord God with all my heart, all my days. This is the covenant that I made…”

Though six generations and almost two hundred years separate them, Heber Chase Kimball and Chase Kimball, decided to serve God and His children in Europe despite their weakness, fear, and doubt. Through their trials, they have relied on God, trusting in His infinite wisdom and love. Through that trust, the power of God helped them overcome their weaknesses. They were able to share the message of the restored gospel, help others feel the love of Jesus Christ, and receive the blessings of the gospel.

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