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Family Values - Katie Walsh

In the Sunday Times Magazine an article entitled Relative Values by Danny Scott, dated April 3, 2016,  is about Katie Walsh, the most successful female jockey in Grand National history.  Katie and her father share their feelings about each other, Katie’s story of becoming a jockey, and about winning the biggest steeplechase of the calendar.

Katie recalls her idyllic childhood as one of the reasons for her success.  She states, “Dad was in charge of the yard, but Mam was boss of the house”.  She goes to say how her Mum took care of the accounts, walked the kids to school, made sure homework was done and “always had a proper meal on the table”.  But her most important statement was, “We’d all sit in the kitchen, laughing and making fun of each other.  The house felt safe and that’s all you look for as a kid, isn’t it?  Somewhere the world can’t hurt you.”

This is what family is all about - having discipline, structure, and fun.  A feeling of safety and real love were part of the family’s experience. There is a formula here to strive for in families.  Not all families are “idyllic” like Katie says when referring to her family, but that we can all try to have better families. 

Katie shares some of the most important attributes of Family Values.   Mothers and fathers working together, families sitting together for meals, talking, sharing daily experiences and having fun doing simple things.  Making the home a safe haven where children feel loved and taken care of matters.  What a difference small things can make in nurturing children, giving them the proper foundation and giving them the ability to meet the many challenges of life.   No wonder Katie is a success!

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