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Volunteer vs Called

There are two important aspects of member involvement in our church – volunteering to serve and being called to serve.  Because in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we do not have a paid clergy, members give their own time in leadership, teaching, and service to their fellow men/women/children.   Many members of churches serve and volunteer and for that receive great personal satisfaction and what are often referred to as “blessings”. 

To be called in the Church is important because much prayer, thought and understanding is needed to call the right person for a specific assignment.  Of course a calling and accepting the call is always a person’s choice.  Once called then the volunteer starts giving time, energy, resources, to fulfil that calling.  But to volunteer without a calling is different. Maybe to just volunteer is a higher calling, it means that one is willing to fulfil something or give service based on one’s own willingness or desire.

Doesn’t everyone like a volunteer?  Of course just think of all the charities, churches, political parties, schools, youth groups, youth sports – the list goes on and on with good people who volunteer.  They find or see a need and help – that is what a volunteer is.  Sometimes when one is called, the calling or position comes with a certain status or recognition.  Again, if a person is willing to accept a call and fulfil the calling they should be given proper credit and respect for their service.  After all, giving of one’s time, especially in the service of others, is no greater calling.  Our Father in Heaven smiles on all those who accept callings to serve and those who are willing to volunteer on their own.  The world and our Church is better because of this great teaching and many lives are blessed because of it.   


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