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Home Production and Storage

For many years, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been counselled to prepare for adversity and difficult times ahead.  Like Pharaoh of old who created food stores after being warned in a dream of hard times to come, Mormons are encouraged to store supplies of food and water while times are good for use during times of national emergency or personal crisis.

A three month supply of normal, everyday food is the amount recommended by Church leaders, along with a stock of drinking water for when the regular supply may be polluted or disrupted. In addition, members are encouraged to store, when possible, basic staples such as wheat, white rice and dried beans, that can maintain life and be kept for extended periods. Members are also encouraged to be self-sufficient by producing their own food where possible and to manage their finances wisely by staying out of debt and by building up financial reserves.

Local members are also eager to share their knowledge and two congregations from the Leicester area recently organised an event at the local meeting house to demonstrate how home grown produce can be preserved and used.

Event organisers Pauline and Dave Woodford presented a variety of ways to preserve fruit and vegetables including dehydration and air-tight sealing, bottling and canning using specialised equipment. Other participants displayed fresh produce from their gardens and delighted visitors with samples of homemade cakes and chips made from home-grown vegetables alongside other recipes that used wheat and other food storage ingredients.

Guests also learned about the benefits of keeping chickens and were instructed on the importance of preparing for emergencies. They were able to examine the contents of both a 48 hour pack and a 72 hour emergency survival kit, the latter of which included a two-man tent, water purification and ready-to-eat meals.

All who attended were impressed by the quality of the displays and the knowledge of those who took part.  

Recent research by the UN Climate Science Panel suggests that climate change could well affect the availability and cost of food in the future. Within this context, it is understandable that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is counselling its members to put measures in place now to protect their homes and families in the future. The Church is keen for all to receive the message, and it has a website devoted to promoting these welfare principles.



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