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Sewing with Love for the British Pageant

Costume production is well underway for the 2017 British Pageant taking place in Chorley, Lancashire this summer.  Over 100 items of costume pieces are needed to clothe the 31 members of the core cast in the 1840’s style.  The sewing is being done by over thirty members all over the United Kingdom.  Jeannie Wills, British Pageant Costume Lead, has given the project the name “Sewing with Love”.  The colours, fabrics and design have all been approved by the artistic team.  Jeannie is tasked with gathering a team of seamstresses, measuring cast members, sewing, and fitting costumes.


A production line was set up last month during the first cast rehearsal to produce from scratch 1840’s style shirts for men to wear on stage. While the cast rehearsed, as many as twelve women gathered to pin, cut, sew, and iron, each person with a specific task to complete.  The end, or finishing table, housed a small bell which was rung each time a shirt was completed.  The goal, once production was in full force, was to hear the bell ring about every 10 minutes.  At the end of rehearsal, 19 shirts were completed.  “It was a wonderful re-enactment of the first Relief Society meetings of the church in the 1840’s when the women gathered together to make shirts for the men working at the Temple site” said Jeannie.  “I am so grateful for the willingness and skills of those involved in this production.”

Jeannie also reminds us, “It is not about the colour, fabric, fit, or style of clothes.  It is about the feelings of love and gratitude the actors experience when they take on the role of those early Latter-day Saints.  The costume is just an aid to help them feel.  It’s all about love.”

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