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Young Single Adults Challenged to Nurture Skills, Minds and Spirituality

Eighty young single adults from the Greater Manchester area joined together for their annual YSA Conference on Saturday 28th January at the Manchester YSA Building.

After attending a series of classes throughout the day, participants enjoyed an evening devotional featuring London West End musical lead, Savannah Stevenson, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Addressing the conference theme, 'Dealing with Today’s Social and Gospel Issues', Savannah spoke and sang to the group and then later with her husband, Nathan Copier, responded to a brief Q&A period. Prior to the Q&A, accomplished YSA musicians Harriet Walker, Hannah Mee, and Katy McGee also performed during the devotional.


While acknowledging that performing the lead role of Glinda in London’s West End musical production of Wicked was exciting and seemingly glamourous as she worked with and met many famous people, her career choice still demands hard work, often laced with pressure and discouragement. Savannah explained, “I think it is important to remember that there is more going on in all of our lives than our Instagram or Facebook feeds suggest. We all tend to share the highlights but rarely expose our vulnerabilities. So I'm going to open myself up and make myself vulnerable and tell you some of my low points and difficulties.”

Savannah described a time in her career path when she was hoping for a specific role only to be met with rejection and disappointment. While praying for understanding and strength, Savannah soon learned that her disappointment had placed her exactly where she needed to be for a much sought after role which provided meaningful and extended employment. It was precisely the opportunity she needed for her personal growth and professional advancement. On reflection, Savannah expressed, “I'm reminded time and again that God does have a plan for each of us. He knows what is best for us. He can see the full picture when we see only part.”

During the Q&A period Savannah answered questions regarding her role as Mary in the Bible videos produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Later Savannah and Nate shared how they had met, how they managed their long-distance relationship between Salt Lake City and London, and why sharing common values and goals produces a more mature love. In conclusion Savannah added, “Do all you can to stand in good places where you can meet good, likeminded people; develop personal qualities that you would like to find in a partner. Let us all nurture our skills, our minds, our spirituality. Let us contribute and fulfil our ambitions.”

To help attendees to better know how to contribute and to realise their ambitions, each young single adult chose to attend various classes which included Dealing with Issues of Mental & Emotional Health by pharmacist Justine Roberts; Church Leadership & Current Social Issues by James Gregson, Manchester England Stake Presidency counsellor with a PhD in biochemistry from Brigham Young University; Handling Issues That Challenge Faith by Bishop James Holt, Theology PhD and Senior Lecturer in Religious Education at the University of Chester; Dating and Developing Healthy Relationships by Angela Griffiths, Manchester Stake Relief Society President; Preparing for the Future by Christian Taylor, Barrister at Exchange Chambers in Manchester; and Living a Morally Clean Life & Overcoming Addiction by President Daniel Liptrott, Manchester England Stake President. 

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